Introduction of yoga

Concept and Practice of Indian Yoga is as old as human life on earth. The word yoga comes from Sanskrit word 'yug' dhatu which means to join or union between soul and God.

BKS Iyengar defines yoga as:

“A method by which the restless mind is calmed and the energy is directed into constructive channels.”

Yoga is a method of realising one's true self by blending the body, mind and spirit in harmony. Yoga is an in-depth and philosophy it is a practical system of self-culture, exact science based on the principles formulated by people who spent their lives studying its nature thoroughly. Yogi is studied the actions and behaviour of animals in the world and it resulted in development of yogic techniques. From the observations, saints realised the importance of relaxation, deep contractions and breath control. They crossed the true value of concentration. A state of concentration cannot be achieved without mastering relaxation. Thus, they are immersed the primary principles of yoga:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Contraction
  3. Breath control
  4. Concentration

Importance of yoga in today's world

Yoga today has taken its strong roots in our society and is being used prominently as one of the excellent techniques in the prevention of acute and chronic diseases.

No doubt, latest discoveries of modern science make our day to day life very comfortable and easy but are unable to provide us mental peace.

In addition to this, inventions in the field of allopathic medicines, surgeries, etc. are not able to check the menace of chronic diseases. In spite of best efforts of medical professionals, 40% population in developed countries is suffering from diseases.

Undoubtedly, mind is restless and hard to control. It can be negotiated by constant practice and freedom from desire. Man who cannot control his mind will find it difficult to attain this divine communion; but a self-controlled man (yogi) can attain it if he tries hard and directs his energy by right means.

If breath prevails, the desires are regulated, the senses are checked and mind is stilled. On the other hand, if desire prevails, the breath gets abnormal and the mind is agitated and troubled. Therefore, the yogi masters the science of breath and by way of various asanas and pranayamas, he controls the mind and maintains its constant movement.


One who has conquered his mind, senses, passions, thoughts and reasons is a king among men. Thus, a true Yogi maintains relationship between his will and will of God.

By moderation in eating and in resting, moderation in working and by concordance in sleeping and walking, yoga destroys all pain and sorrow.

Yoga is a smart way of living. Daily practice of yoga is necessary not only to keep fit body and Soul but also to enjoy the present life. Sadhak manages to achieve personality not only physically, mentally, and emotionally too.

It is a sufficient tonic to motivate in order to lead the life healthy, wealthy and happy.