India has many festivals celebrated every year. People of all the religions celebrate their respective festivals according to their own culture and belief. This festival is one of the most celebrated, traditional and ethnic festivals of India. People celebrate this festival with full energy every year by meeting together with relatives, family, friends, and neighbours. People also exchange Diwali Gifts with their loved once to show their concerns & affection. It is also known as the festival of lights.

Diwali is a celebration that is praised by all the religions all over India. It is evident that the Diwali festival celebration rises above all the limits. This festival of lights is celebrated with huge energy by all ages based on individual’s social and financial standing.

Some people celebrate it lavishly but others celebrate it in a very simple way. For Diwali, individuals begin cleaning and redesigning their homes many days prior to the festival day. Upon the arrival of Diwali, decoration of diyas, candles and multicolour lights enlighten the moonless night, showing an astonishing display of shading, light, energy, and richness that mesmerizes everyone.

Diwali 2017

Why is Diwali Celebrated?

It is the festival of countless delight and interest which comes every year in the month of October or November. The reason behind celebrating this festival is the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya, after killing Ravana, the king of Lanka. Diwali is celebrated every year to signify and remember this history as a victory of truth over the evil. People of Ayodhya welcomed Shree Ram to their own Kingdom after the long period of 14 years, with their wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman. People of Ayodhya had expressed their love and affection towards Shree Ram by hearty welcoming them. They had enlightened their home including the whole kingdom and burned firecrackers to welcome Lord Rama.

We are sure with the above information, everyone in the world would be anxiously waiting now to celebrate this grand festival on Diwali date this year.

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